Visit a Rural Hobby Farm at Our Country Accommodation in Huon Valley

Are you in search of a luxurious holiday combined with all the amenities of home? Look no further than Huon River Cottage our country accommodation in the Huon Valley. Our location is specifically designed to provide you with a sense of tranquility with the added benefit of enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding this lovely hobby farm accommodation in Huon Valley.

A Living Piece of History

The Huon Valley region plays a vital part in the history of the area. Our cottage overlooks the beautiful Castle Forbes Bay which you will see every time you look out the window. The bay is named after a ship that was originally intended to be used for trade but eventually became used for convict transportation to Australia. The vessel was launched in 1818 and named after a historic castle in Aberdeenshire.

In 1836, the ship was on a voyage to ferry free Irish immigrants to Hobart. The ship mistakenly travelled up the Huon River. When it became impossible to travel any further because of rapids and the ship’s draft, the travellers decided to make Castle Forbes Bay their home. As the years went by, Castle Forbes Bay developed into apple orchards and soon earned the nickname of “The Apple Isle”.

What You Can Expect from Our Rural Accommodation in Huon Valley

The bedrooms in our rural accommodation in Huon Valley can be booked individually if needed. Our cottage offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first bedroom contains a king-sized bed; the second bedroom has a queen-sized bed while the final bedroom has two single beds. The main bathroom is directly accessible to the second and third bedroom. Our cottage has any electronic accessory that you have at home including Wi-Fi, a smart TV, and a VCR.

Our country accommodation in Huon Valley houses up to six people at a time. We require a booking of a minimum of two nights. It is important to remember that because we offer a hobby farm accommodation in Huon Valley with livestock. Therefore, we do not allow any other pets as part of your stay.

The cottage is entirely family friendly and suitable for young children. If you are interested in a romantic night away from the kids, we welcome you to contact our friendly staff to coordinate babysitting services, subject to availability. High chairs are available, and the front deck can be sectioned off with a safety gate. Our location provides the perfect setting for children to play in as it is fully fenced in.

Book Your Holiday with Us

The staff at Huon River Cottage understands how important your holiday is to you and your family which is why we dedicate ourselves to making your experience memorable. Our cottage provides all the elements you love about being home while offering you the luxury of interacting with the serene environment of Huon Valley.

For more information about the cottage or to schedule your stay, please call us on 03 6297 7034 or click to our contact page.