Finding Ideal Family House Accommodation in Huon Valley

Planning family holidays can be far from relaxing. Finding Huon Valley family accommodation that is child-friendly is often a challenge. That’s why at Huon River Cottage, we are happy to house you and your kids in comfort. Our cottage can be your home away from home, a place where every single member of your family will feel comfortable.

Why You Should Choose Our Huon Valley Family Accommodation

Our beautiful cottage is not only a great place for a romantic getaway or trip with friends: we pride ourselves on being child- and family-friendly. With three large bedrooms, there will be more than enough space for your kids and all the things they bring with them. Our family house accommodation in Huon Valley also offers two bathrooms to ensure that your eight-year-old won’t be upset by your teenager taking forever to do her hair.

There is a safety gate on the front deck to keep tiny tots safe and we offer a portable cot and high chair for babies. If you need a night out, just you and your partner, why not look into our babysitting service so you can have some time alone?

Tips for an Amazing Holiday with Kids

Besides the obvious essentials like packing toys and planning your route effectively, there are a few things many parents forget when travelling. Here are three simple things you can do to keep everyone happy. Make sure that your vacation goes smoothly and that you don’t get back home from Huon Valley feeling like you already need another holiday.

  • Set realistic expectations. Kids get really excited about the idea of going on vacation, but often forget that it takes time to travel to a destination—and that when you get there, the adults will probably not want to run around all day. Avoid disappointment and meltdowns by explaining the plan of action to your kids before you leave and give them things to do when they get bored while travelling or when you want some downtime. Portable DVD players are a great way to keep kids happy in the back seat when they are on the verge of losing it.
  • Tell your kids the plans for the next day when you’re getting them ready for bed. Maybe during bath time, you can tell them where you will be going the next day and ask if they’d like to do it. If not, be willing to adjust your expectations. Teenagers can get bored of wandering around museums and spending time with family all day. If they don’t want to join you, don’t force it. Let them go to the beach or the mall. As long as they’re safe and having fun, everyone will be happy.
  • Include the kids in making memories. Give each child a disposable camera (if they are old enough to understand what it is) and tell them they can take photos of the best things they see. At the end of the trip, have the photos printed out and let the whole family pick the best ones to go into an album. This activity will also give the kids something to do while you take breaks. As the photos develop, you might be surprised by what they noticed that you didn’t!

For fantastic family accommodation in Huon Valley, contact us today to make a booking. We understand that as you plan a vacation, you can’t always leave the kids with a grandparent, and you shouldn’t have to. We have more than enough space for your entire family. Join us at Huon River Cottage for your next family vacation.